Start Times to be Confirmed on the day(approx. 30 mins + Q &A each)



VENUE: Brixham Yacht Club


10am  Brixham Sea Watch – cancelled due to illness 

Lindy Hingley MBE describes her work monitoring the numbers of cetaceans in the local

area and further afield


11am Community Seagrass Initiative

Seagrass Habitat of Torbay “Underwater rainforests – the importance of seagrass

habitats in Torbay and the fascinating critters that live there.”


12pm Ghost fishing

Describing how their teams of scuba divers recover lost fishing nets tangled in

shipwrecks and how it is recycled


2.15pmFathoms Free

Ghost Gear retrieval and the work they do with Keep Britain Tidy and The National

Trust regards the plastic in our oceans


3.15pm Devon Wildlife Trust

Marine Conservation Zone proposals for Devon


4.15pm British Divers Marine Life Rescue

Their work in Marine Mammal Rescue



VENUE: Brixham Laboratory with Plymouth University


6.45pm Torbay Coast and Countryside

Come & join Noel Hughes from the Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust to hear about their work to protect Berry Head National Nature Reserve and the immediate marine environment that surrounds it. Noel is the Countryside Officer for the reserve. His talk will, of course, focus on their management relating to the marine. This will include the monitoring & scientific work carried out, especially in relation to the guillemot colony”


7.45pm Plankton Pundit

Plankton Scientist Dr Richard Kirby talks about the study of the oceans phytoplankton

and its importance in determining the health of our oceans.